Angels, Spiritual Resources, Healing and You

Are you on a spiritual path? Do you want to find the spiritual resources to help you find your way? Do you want to work with the angels? Do you have questions about angels or spiritual guides? What is the difference between a psychic and a medium? How do you read an astrology chart? Where are the chakras located? What is reiki? What is a trance channel? What is a healing modality? What is an Ascended Master?

If so, I am so excited that you have found your way here to our community! I would love to share with you the life-changing resources I have found helpful and could smooth the way for you.  But first, allow me to share some things about me…

Like you, I have been on the spiritual path my entire life.  I had a near-death experience from drowning at the tender age of 2 ½ years old. Growing up, I insisted that I could see the sun when I drowned but was consistently told that was not possible. I was found floating face down, unconscious, in a pond deep in the Wisconsin north woods.

Yet, I continued to insist. I knew what I saw.

It was later in my life, after reading about near-death experiences other children had, that I realized what had occurred. I had seen “the light”, not the sun!

I now understand how this event changed my life!  I recognized so much that now made perfect sense to me. This knowledge helped me to understand why so many felt drawn to pour out their deepest and most private thoughts to me, even as a child. Somehow, I understood the sacredness of these conversations. They could feel the respect I had for them and that it was safe to share. Sometimes listening was all that was needed from me. Sometimes I spoke the words that seemed to come from somewhere outside of me, not really understanding them as a child, but trusting in their wisdom.

A lot has happened since then…

Now, I understand how it is that I can know and sense things around me.

Now, I follow the guidance when I feel compelled to go somewhere or to reach out to someone.

Now, I cherish the feeling of sensing the angels enfold me in their loving embrace of light.

Now, I believe it when I feel the presence of those who have passed and I understand what they wish to communicate to their loved ones.

I have learned to believe and to trust.

These abilities have led me on this life-long quest to understand, to grow and to learn.

We would love to share the resources and tools that can help you on your own spiritual path!

Will you join me on this quest?

For years I held a group in my home, called The Gathering of Angels. To include more in our growing community, this website was created to offer a safe place to explore, to learn and to grow. I have learned to work with the angels and my guides. Some of the spiritual and personal development resources and tools I have learned about are astrology, meditation, numerology, reiki, theta healing, EFT (tapping), and too many others to list.

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Welcome to our We Love Angel Resources community…  May your Angels be with you!