About us

This is a little bit about why I created weloveangelresources.com.

Over the past few years, I have written a number of articles that have been published in local magazines and concert reviews posted online. I have been publishing a monthly entertainment newsletter via email for about 5 years now. Part of this experience has shown me what a gap there can be between plenty/too much information and actually useful information.

In my opinion, there is so much information available on the internet now that I have found it can be very time-consuming to find what I need (assuming I even know what I need to find). Sometimes it can be overwhelming and frustrating at the sheer volume of what I can find “at my fingertips”. So this website has been put together as a resource for those looking to improve their lives in some way. If I don’t have the answer myself, then you will be directed to others who may be able to help you. My goal is to assist you as you travel your own path to find that which you resonate with most deeply. Only you know the answer to that.

A broad range of topics will be covered and the resources will continue to evolve. You could call this website a full and comprehensive “toolbox” full of useful tools. I hope that you will find something useful here that will make your load easier to bear and your step lighter as you go through your day. Perhaps you already know what lights up your path, or perhaps you are still seeking to find your own path.

Along with the newsletter, I will be sharing some of my own personal stories as we go. Please feel free to check back often to see the latest! Please put your name and email address in the box indicated and the current newsletter will be sent to you.

I would love to hear your comments, questions or suggestions. Feel free to contact me at love@weloveangelresources.com. This is a work in progress (of love)!

Thank you!

Annette Higby